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Fly to Ecuador, au Peru, en Bolivia or Mexico!

Join the Cultural Immersion* cohort of the Program Explore the world with Air Canada and get a grant to finance your trip and a plane ticket to the destination of your choice!

Duration : +/- 3 weeks
Grant : up to $2,340 CAD* + airplane ticket 
Application deadline : February 29th, 2024
Travel period : spring 2024 (before june 30th)
Number of points required : 300

Merci d'avoir soumis ta candidature!

Notre équipe assurera un suivi avec toi très prochainement!
En attendant, on t'invite à visiter notre   Site web .

* This program is reserved for Canadian citizens only. 
To be eligible for the program, you must have completed the online course, attended the welcome coffee and carried out your first local micro-exploration. These steps will be explained to you upon registration. 
By submitting your application, you agree to receive information about Vaolo explorers and Vaolo exploration programs. 
The amount of the bursary represents a maximum amount allocated for 3 weeks of exploration and a minimum of 12 accommodation labels. This amount varies according to duration, number of labels and destination. The amount of the bursary will be calculated in local currency depending on the destination. 

How do I receive a grant?

The two explorers with the most points will receive the grant, with a minimum of 200 points required.
Find out more about our grant allocation system here :

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